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The Carrot that Wouldn't Budge

Over the month of October, I worked with a group of homeschoolers presenting a series of four autumn pre-school shows with the Lenox Library. Our first Friday was a story about a boy named Hadyn and his four friends, Cat, Fox, Baby Koala, and Old Blind Owl.  Hadyn planted a carrot and in the autumn wanted to pull it out of the earth to make a carrot soup. Together the friends pulled, and pulled, but they could not pull that carrot out! Finally, Old Blind Owl, who is very wise, asked if they’d told the Root Gnome they needed the carrot. So they did. When they gave the next tug, that fat carrot popped right out of the ground. Everyone tumbled over! They enjoyed a warm autumn carrot soup before tucking in for a good night’s sleep. The audience loved playing with the marionettes when the show was over.

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