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Retirement Communities

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Working together as a creative team, members within your community perform for your residential population, the public, or community family days. Individuals with musical or artistic background are invited to contribute their talents to the production. Stepping into children's literature or holiday material, your elder community can offer a show for their grandchildren. For adult audiences, we leave fairy tales behind and create representational vignettes filled with rich imagery, including classical music and recited poetry.

Your Community Contributes

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Assisted living residents are welcome in our programs, which offer recreationally therapeutic opportunities for less mobile individuals. One can easily join in from a chair, wheelchair, walker, or with an aide. No experience is necessary, participation is guided, and even those with cognitive challenges can be in a show. Puppeteers typically enjoy a comfortable anonymity behind a marionette. Movement, color, lighting, sound, and texture provide a satisfying artistic experience. Nothing compares with the rapport shared amongst participants in a theatrical production.

Accessible for All


  • Work with Recreational Coordinators to choose a show to produce and determine its duration ~ a 2.5 hour workshop style including the performance or a series with more complex material

  • Email a PDF flyer and photos for social medial that you can hang, email, or snail mail to your guests

  • Arrive with everything we need in tow

  • Run a memorable program!

  • Bring everything with us and take it home afterwards


  • Envision an unforgettable event!

  • Peruse Meet the Marionettes and the Gallery of Shows for inspiration

  • Send in deposit and receive contract and invitations to send out

  • Draw upon your residents and staff for puppeteers

  • Designate our performance place ~ an open floor space is best

  • Enjoy the show or be a puppeteer!


  • Custom written play or new marionettes added to our fleet that are crafted specifically for your event

  • Marionette gift a grandchild could keep after the show

  • Marionette making workshop

  • We are glad to travel a long distance to come to you: Travel arrangements are determined together.

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