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 Little Puppet Studio is a festival within your festival 

The Minstrel Artwalk  - 122.jpg

Little Puppet Studio arrives at your festival with a fleet of marionettes, props, and musical instruments for sound effects. A revolving group of multi-generational festival-goers becomes the puppeteers offering mini-vignettes to your larger audience. We perform varying mini-stories with a new mix of puppets every 15 minutes throughout the day.

Hands-on Street-Improv

Why Bear Sleeps in a Cave LPS 5.jpg

In longer pre-registered workshops, parents can enjoy your festival while their children are creating with us. We arrive with stories, marionettes and props. Grownups deliver the children to the “studio” (festival designated area) at the advertised start time and return at the designated time to enjoy the show. Showtimes can be pre-billed as festival entertainment.

Pre-Registered Workshops


  • Determine with you the structure of your program ~ Hands-on street improv or 3-4 two hour pre-registered workshops with public performances

  • Work with you to choose the themes and stories for your program

  • Email a PDF flyer with showtimes for you to post around your grounds and photos for social media

  • Arrive with everything we need in tow

  • Run a program your festival-goers will long remember

  • Bring everything with us and take it home afterwards 


  • Peruse Meet the Marionettes and the Gallery of Shows for inspiration

  • Send in deposit and receive contract and PDF poster

  • Designate our performance place ~ an open floor or level space on the ground is best

  • Enjoy the shows, or be a puppeteer!


  • Pre-registered marionette making workshops

  • Large pre-registered workshop groups: Assistant fee required

  • We are glad to travel a long distance to come to you: Travel arrangements are determined together.

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