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Houses of Worship


 Our style of puppetry provides a rich opportunity for congregants to work together in service of the larger community. Shows can be offered to preschoolers or the public, or be brought to nursing homes or family shelters.


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For houses of worship, we work with material that is determined by your leadership and is specific to your religious tenets. We follow all guidelines expected in your setting. We are glad to work with scripture or develop a theme with you. 

All Faiths

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Your puppetry event will carry a message that reinforces your scriptural objectives for your religious school students. A series will make it possible for your students to craft their own marionettes or write a story for their performance.

Religious Schools


  • Determine together the duration of your program ~ a 2.5 hour workshop style or a series with more complex material

  • Work with you to choose the theme and story for your program

  • Email a PDF flyer and photos for social media for you to use for advertising

  • Arrive with everything we need in tow

  • Run a program your congregants will long remember

  • Bring everything with us and take it home afterwards


  • Envision an unforgettable event!

  • Peruse Meet the Marionettes and the Gallery of Shows for inspiration

  • Draw upon your congregation to choose your puppeteers from school-aged children, teens, and staff.

  • Send in deposit and receive contract and advertising materials

  • Designate our performance place ~ an open floor space is best

  • Enjoy the show or be a puppeteer!


  • Custom written play or new marionettes added to our fleet that are crafted specifically for your event

  • Marionette making workshop or a series with a performance

  • Large group: Assistant fee required

  • We are glad to travel a long distance to come to you: Travel arrangements are determined together.

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