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Make a Marionette

Your Place or Our Studio


 People often ask if they can learn to make a marionette similar to a specific character of ours that they love. We are glad to teach aspiring craftspeople ages 10 and up. Groups of three or more are welcome to schedule marionette making sessions. We can bring all supplies to you, or can host your group in our studio.

Your Place or Ours

The Goldfish LPS 19 copy.jpg

 The technique of needle felting is easily learned and a woolen needle felted animal marionette can be completed in one session. Younger handworkers find needle felting to be a rewarding activity. Groups typically opt for a two part series: Session 1 is a marionette making workshop. Session 2 is a puppetry event using the marionettes. 

Felted Marionettes

flower belles - 1 copy.jpg

Making a marionette with complex details requires a series of meetings over a number of days. Newcomers to handwork learn everything that is needed in the sessions, no prior sewing or woolworking experience is necessary. Groups can meet once weekly over a period of time or can schedule an intensive over a vacation or weekend.

Complex Marionettes


  • Work with you to figure out the best options for your puppet makers

  • Decide together which location works best ~ your setting or our studio



  • Add a show at the end of your marionette making session

  • Large group: Assistant fee required

  • We are glad to travel a long distance to come to you: Travel arrangements are determined together

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