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 A field trip that comes to you 

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School programs are a comprehensive arts and social experience brought to your students. Teachers find puppetry to be a powerful tool for addressing topics such as bullying or for inspiring inter-cultural tolerance. Puppetry provides a safe vehicle for role-playing sensitive topics. Not requiring memorization, the process is socially equalizing for students of differing abilities.

Educator Designed

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Teachers are invited to enter their classes into our story writing contests. Fourth graders and up are invited to write and submit a story, together as a class or individually. The theme can be a fairy tale or content out of your curricular or social skills material. The winning story is adapted by us for a puppet show, and the winning class produces the performance for their schoolmates. 

Young Writers Contests

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Our Hands-on History programs bring a historical period to life through the vehicle of puppetry and fiber arts. Teachers choose an aspect of historical significance related to their curriculum and we create a program to support your educational goals. This includes hands-on exploration of period fiber processing tools. Students especially love the opportunity to treadle the spinning wheel!

Hands-on History


  • Determine together the dates and duration of your program 

  • Work with you to choose the curricular theme and story for your program

  • Email a PDF flyer and social media materials to announce your performance time

  • Arrive on puppetry day with everything we need in tow

  • Run a program your students will longer remember

  • Bring everything with us and take it home afterwards


  • Envision an unforgettable event!

  • Peruse Meet the Marionettes and the Gallery of Shows for inspiration

  • Send in deposit and receive contract and invitations to send out

  • Designate our performance place ~ an open floor space is best

  • Enjoy the show!


  • Custom written play or new marionettes added to our fleet that are crafted specifically for your event

  • Large class: Assistant fee required

  • We are glad to travel a long distance to come to you: Travel arrangements are determined together.

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