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Our Thanks

Deepest thanks to those of you helping make my dreams come true:

  • Ellen A- for a lifetime of supportive friendship and for putting a sewing needle in my hand as a child

  • Rhoda C- for bringing undefinable beauty to everything she touches and for being by my side

  • Maggie S- for decades of attention to every detail of every project

  • Andrea Bogdan Artist- for a childhood companionship filled with creativity and for current business mentoring in the arts

  • Deb T- for endless hours of brainstorming and troubleshooting

  • Sushila S- for bringing ceremony and festival into my life

  • Heather McC- for the first touch of unspun wool and for celebrating with us for years

  • Skm- for a library of literature, years of narrating, and the essence behind the scenes

  • Cara, Hannah, Noah, Chandi, and Jn- who made the arts alive in my world

  • Amelia A- for creating Annika and the Gardener marionettes, who are at the heart of the puppetry and are the inspiration for the current marionettes

  • Cara and Hannah- for creating Rufesi Reneker and All-Wise the Dwarf, the inspiration for it all

  • Stephanie B- for being that special student who grew up and now supports my work

  • Lauren, Russ, Ellen, Jeannie, Lori, Ben, Elaine, and Lisa Anne- whose children were the foundation for the growth of the puppetry experience

  • The Parents All- who have shared their children in the spirit of community and the arts

  • Our puppetry community elders- who have added their artistic and creative wisdom to every mixed generation show

Photo Credits:

  • Ally Canale Portraiture ~ General Photography

  • Steven K. Mason ~ General Photography 

  • Julia Kaplan ~ Thin Air Hamentashen ~ The Wise Men of Chelm

  • Deb Tamborski ~ Why Bear Sleeps in a Cave

  • Kara Thornton ~ Hineni ~ Moses and the Burning Bush

  • Johannes Nightingale Productions ~ puppetry video support

  • Rabbi Josh ~ Thin-air Hamentashen ~ The Wise Men of Chelm

“Describing the feeling one gets from working with Little Puppet Studio is almost as impossible as explaining why we fall head over heels in love with someone!” 

Jeanne W, mother of three ages 6, 9, 11

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