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Especially for Special Needs

Our programs are particularly well suited for individuals with special physical, social, or developmental needs. Each puppeteer finds a level of participation that suits their comfort zone. The activities and materials are naturally low stimulation, and those with delicate neurosensory systems find our programs to be free of stressors. The process is structured and guided, yet readily adjusts to meet the needs of the moment.


Since the performance is improvisational and is accompanied by a narrated tale, no speaking is required. Behind the safety of a puppet and in the sanctuary of a small group working together, participants find a new kind of self-expression.


Our productions provide recreationally therapeutic opportunities for less mobile individuals. One can easily join in from a wheelchair, walker, or with an aide. 


We are happy to bring a simpler format if performance is not for your puppeteer. We can offer a small performance followed by hands-on experiential activities with the puppets, silks, and musical instruments. 


 Caregivers are encouraged to participate with any puppeteer that needs extra support.

Gentle programs for tender folk…

caterpillar 4.jpg


  • Learn what you want to share about your special participant

  • Work with you to choose the theme and story for your program

  • Email a PDF invitation for you to email or snail mail to your guests

  • Arrive with everything we need in tow

  • Run a program your group will long remember

  • Bring everything with us and take it home after ~ No clean up for you!


  • Think about what qualities we need to know about to best support your special person

  • Peruse Meet the Marionettes and the Gallery of Shows for inspiration

  • Send in deposit and receive contract and invitations to send out

  • Designate our performance place ~ an open floor space is best

  • Enjoy the show or be a puppeteer!


  • Custom written play or new marionettes added to our fleet that are crafted specifically for your event

  • Marionette gift made for your puppeteer to keep after the show

  • Large group requiring an assistant: Assistant fee required

  • Trunk filled with sparkly clean dress-up costumes for puppeteers ages 6 and under 

  • Location away from your home: Additional cost determined by social hall. Many libraries and town halls have rentable spaces

  • We are glad to travel a long distance to come to you: Travel arrangements are determined together

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