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Why Puppetry?

It is the mission of Little Puppet Studio to contribute to the growth of a world of innovators who, because of flexible dynamic thinking developed through creative work and play, can solve the problems of our world. In the kindling of each person’s creative vision, a supple imagination is cultivated, fostering problem solving skills that help navigate the challenges of our times.

big bear - 16_edited.jpg

Little Puppet Studio events are rooted in education. Each hands-on puppetry event is a comprehensive arts and social experience, encompassing aesthetics, movement, music, storytelling, and cooperative problem solving. Each puppeteer’s imaginative thinking and artistry are ignited, and this spark carries forward when the show is over. Reaching beyond entertainment, these experiences are designed to engage each person as an active participant. Working together to prepare for and perform a show, one experiences a sense of community building and joyous labor. The participants become givers instead of consumers.

Little Puppet Studio is homespun, working with materials from the natural world and simple items gathered from everyday life. Through the handling of materials with these qualities, one’s capacity for discrimination and sense of value are developed. The social and artistic gifts gained in a puppetry experience live on long after the show has ended.

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