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The Last Lonely Pumpkin

In this story, the village folk planted pumpkin seeds in the fields for our audience. The seeds sprouted and grew all summer long, and as Halloween approached, the pumpkins were ready for harvest. One by one our friends Hadyn, Fox, Cat, Old Blind Owl, and Baby Koala came to the field, along the with the other villagers, and picked a pumpkin and brought it home. As the sun set, the last villager went home with her pumpkin. The big field was empty. But in the night, when the moon was shining and the stars were overhead, Hadyn awoke. He heard a soft crying from the field. He woke his friends one by one, and they went to Old Blind Owl, who advised them to check the field. There they found one last lonely pumpkin, alone and crying. The four friends brought the last lonely pumpkin home, and he became the jolliest Jack-o'-lantern in the village.

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