Caterpillar Gets Ready for Winter


~ 2nd in a month long library series of 4 ~

We follow Caterpillar from his hatching out of a tiny egg in spring through his tucking into a cocoon in autumn for a summer's sleep, through his rebirth as a butterfly in the autumn. Cat, Old Blind Owl, Fox, and Baby Koala meet up with Caterpillar as he marches through town and ride along, and wave him when he awakens as Butterfly and flies south for the winter.

Cat, Old Blind Owl, Fox, and Baby Koala were made in Little Puppet Studio by the puppeteers themselves!

Regina D. Mason
Little Puppet Studio 
~ in the Berkshires of Massachusetts and bordering regions ~

Little Puppet Studio is supported by a grant from the Martha Boschen Porter Fund, a Fund of Berkshire Taconic Community Foundation.