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A Trunkful of Offerings!

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Fiber Arts Workshops ~ Your Place or Ours

A mobile studio, our productions come to life in living rooms, backyards, garages, barns, social halls and schoolrooms.

We Come to You

We bring the props - handcrafted woolen and silk marionettes, flowing silks and other natural treasures for laying out sets, musical instruments for sound effects, and a narrative tale of your choosing to work with.

You Provide

the Puppeteers

Under our direction, your group becomes the creators and performers.  Parts are chosen and scenery is arranged. Performances center on improvisational movement with marionettes that anyone can do - no memorizing.

A Show is Born

The plays are narrated stories adapted from children’s classics, Native American lore, original tales, or religious literature, designed individually for your event. The narrator begins and marionettes come to life!

You're Invited 

Educator developed, our work is custom tailored to the needs of your group. We love incorporating new ideas and will gladly work with you. Give a call and tell us who's coming!   

"It’s magical to see a story come to life in the puppeteers' hands, and a delightful process from the first step to the final bow.” 

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